ZhengNing (aka Tony) Chen
Tony is a graduate of the UFV Agriculture program. As the Farm Manager and Co-Founder of Ease Garden Flower Ltd in China, he is utilizing the many skills learned from his UFV education. Tony manages all of the product plans, including daily management and technology research and development, as well as marketing and market research, with UFV agriculture being key to his success.

"The UFV Agriculture department is like a searchlight that illuminated the direction of my career goal; I just walked towards it. I feel very lucky I chose the UFV Agriculture program to study."


"Agriculture not only provides food for you, we also provide some of the 'spices' which you can add to our living environment." 
 Balkar Gill
Balkar is a graduate of the UFV Agriculture Technology diploma program, which he successfully laddered into a degree program in Alberta. Balkar is currently a Technical Sales Representative with Evergro Canada Inc.

 "Pursuing my education in horticulture technology at UFV has driven me to achieve my dreams of working in the horticulture industry. The faculty has been wonderful in assisting me in hands on technical information that was relevant in today's job market. This allowed me to make a smooth transition into the agriculture sector; working as a technical sales representative for the berry and vegetable growers of the Fraser Valley."


Balkar can be reached at:Evergro Canada Inc, 1338 Riverside Rd, Abbotsford B.C. V2S 8J2
(O)1.604.850.9500  (F)1.604.850.7800 bgill@evergro.com  www.growercentral.com

Garion Loehndorf
Garion is a graduate of the UFV Agriculture Technology diploma program. He is currently working as an agricultural consultant.

 “Agriculture will always be around as long as there are people; there is no better job security and no better feeling of knowing that we will be a part of feeding and supplying our world.”


Bob Brar

Bob is a graduate of the UFV Agriculture Technology diploma, which he successfully used to ladder into a degree program in Alberta.  Bob is currently a Technical Representative for Terralink Horticulture.

"'I am a technical sales/crop representative with Terralink Horticulture. I work with many fruit and vegetable growers throughout the Fraser Valley. I provide these growers with technical recommendations and crop specific inputs. "

"I use the knowledge and skills I learned at UFV on a daily basis, both at work and at home on the farm."


Eric Gerbrandt
Eric is a graduate of the UFV Agriculture Technology program and went on to University of Saskatchewan to pursue his Masters. Eric is currently an Assistant Researcher with Expert Agriculture Team Ltd. and a sessional instructor with UFV.


 "Studying agriculture at UFV has irreversibly heightened my comprehension of what I now know to be a meaningful and important aspect of our human existence: the science of producing and processing the very food upon which our lives depend."

Randy Chiasson

Randy Chiasson is a UFV Agriculture grad who has started his own successful nursery operation.


Randy grows a variety of high quality nursery stock at his Fraser Valley operation, Treeline Nusrsery.

Will Clinging

Will Clinging is a UFV Agriculture grad, who is now a renowned horse trainer, using respect to gain results. 



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