Responding to a final grade appeal

Below is a summary of the procedures for instructors to respond to a final grade appeal. For further details and procedures, please refer to UFV’s Final Grade Appeals Policy (#217).


Student consults

As stated in the Final Grade Appeals Policy 217, the student must first consult and discuss the matter with the instructor, before submitting a formal final grade appeal to the Office of the Registrar.


Instructor responds

If there has been an error, or the instructor wishes to change the grade for any other reason, they may do so in accordance with the Grade Reporting Policy #109 and completion of the Change of Grade form.


Student submits appeal

If after the student and instructor have discussed the matter, the student wishes to move forward with a final grade appeal they must complete and submit a Final Grade Appeal (Student Form) along with documents and/or evidence to the Office of the Registrar, Appeals Assistant.

Note: Students have 14 business days to appeal from the they day has access to their final grade.


Office reviews appeal

The Office of the Registrar reviews the appeal to determine if it falls within the scope of the Final Grades Appeal Policy 217

In order for the appeal to be accepted, the student must show material evidence, and have a case based on one or more of the five grounds, as outlined in the Policy.

If the appeal is accepted, the Office of the Registrar forwards the final grade appeal form and documents to the instructor for a response within 7 business days.


Submit documents

The instructor submits the Response to Final Grade Appeal form and relevant materials (available assignments, exams, exam keys, course syllabus, final mark determination scheme) within 14 business days to Office of the Registrar, Appeals Assistant.


Office sends package to dean

The Office of the Registrar sends the full appeal package to the dean upon receipt of instructor’s response and materials.


Dean responds

The dean may attempt a facilitated resolution meeting with the student and instructor, within 7 business days of receiving the final grade appeal package. The matter may be resolved with or without change to the final grade during this resolution meeting. Any resolution agreed upon is documented in a letter to the student, instructor, and Appeals Assistant.

If a resolution is not reached at the resolution meeting and the student wishes to proceed with the appeal, the dean or designate forms a final grade appeals committee of three members (1 student, 2 other instructors) to review the grade and materials used to determine the grade. They may meet with the student and instructor if needed. For more details, refer to section 1.4 of the Final Grade Appeals Policy.

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