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Academic Integrity

In general, academic integrity means that the evidence of learning you demonstrate on exams and the work you do on assignments, papers and projects is genuinely yours, and not produced in a fraudulent manner. University learning builds on a foundation of knowledge from other people; learning how to use that knowledge,  recognize it correctly, and add your own perspective are the reasons you are here! It can be tricky to figure out, but if you use authenticity as your guiding principle and ask for help when you are uncertain of the best course, you will do fine!

The easy availability of material on the internet makes cheating and plagiarising easier than ever, but it also makes catching cheaters easier than ever. Be sure you know how to use material obtained on the internet correctly. Copying and using website material without citation is still plagiarism!

Students Responsibilities

Avoiding Academic Misconduct

Penalties for Academic Misconduct


Helpful links and resources for promoting academic integrity and preventing academic misconducts:


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