Academic Misconduct

What is academic misconduct?

Academic misconduct is the failure to be honest, fair, and responsible in scholarly and practical work. At UFV we are committed to setting standards that promote academic honesty and foster mutual respect for all members of the university community. Types of academic misconducts include, but are not limited to the following:


For example, taking an idea, words, images, or code from an author and presenting it as your own.


For example, communicating with others, writing formulas on your arm, and using a mobile to look up answers during an exam.


For example, pretending to be someone else, such as sending someone else to act as you and write your exam.

Falsification or unauthorized modification of an academic document/record

For example, forging a doctor’s note or altering your transcript.

Resubmission of work

For example, reusing an assignment or part of one and submitting it again.

Aiding and abetting

For example, helping someone commit an academic misconduct, such as helping a classmate access examination materials.

The academic conduct standards set by UFV are outlined in the Student Acacdemic Misconduct Policy (70).

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