Appeal an academic misconduct decision

What if you do not agree with the academic misconduct and/or penalty you've received?

If you do not agree to the academic misconduct and/or resolution, you may indicate this at your resolution meeting with the department head, and on the Notice of Disciplinary Action form. The procedure for this is outlined below. Please refer to the Student Academic Misconduct Policy (70) for  the full details.


Dean schedules hearing

The complaint proceeds to a hearing scheduled and conducted by the dean or designate responsible for the subject area.


Hearing takes place

At the hearing, the complainant and the department head present evidence or submissions that they deem appropriate.


Dean makes determination

After reviewing the evidence in support of the Complainant and the response submitted by the student, the Dean determines if the complaint is valid and where applicable determine the penalty imposed. The dean or designate communicates the outcome to the student and to the Office of the Registrar.

Note: Where there is a perceived difference between the meaning or intent of the steps found on our website and the Academic Misconduct Policy, the wording of the Academic Misconduct Policy will apply.

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