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Enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts program prior to Fall 2017? You are already on your way towards earning a great credential, but did you know that you can make your university experience even more rewarding? You can.

Opt-in to the new Bachelor of Arts

Recently the Bachelor of Arts received an innovative upgrade, meaning that it now has some great new features not included in its previous version. Take advantage of:

  • an ePortfolio meant to help you showcase your skills to potential employers.
  • more space for electives to add flexibility to your degree.
  • new opportunities to gain experience outside of the classroom by building skills in civic and intercultural engagement.

These features are designed to widen your career horizons by not only making you more employable but also better at presenting the knowledge and skills you gain as a university student.

Hear Associate Dean of Students, Alisa Webb, discuss the benefits of the new BA on CBC Radio.

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