Mission Statement

We focus on courses that are relevant.  

A BA degree can open the door to many career possibilities: business, teaching, law, the public service, non-profit agencies, graduate school. Wherever you go after UFV, your success will depend on the foundational skills you develop in the BA program:

  • Communication, especially writing
  • Critical thinking and critical reading
  • Analytical and quantitative reasoning
  • Creative problem-solving

Across the College of Arts, our courses build these skills as part of the process of developing subject-matter knowledge. Courses are regularly updated to ensure that they reflect current content and best teaching practices.  

We give students personalized attention

UFV classes are small, so you will not be an anonymous face in the crowd. (The average size of classes in the College of Arts is 28.) Most courses require students to take an active part in class discussion and work collaboratively, so you will get a chance to interact with your professors and your fellow students. Many UFV students take advantage of the opportunity to work individually with a faculty member on a directed studies project.

We give students opportunities to get training for the real world.  

Through internships, practicums, work-study opportunities, and co-op education, you can enrich your studies by connecting classroom studies to real-world issues and challenges.

We focus on research that enriches the student experience.

At UFV, our faculty devote most of their energy to teaching. The time they commit to scholarship and research strengthens their teaching – it keeps them up-to-date in their field, renews their passion for their subject, and allows them to develop fresh approaches to the work of teaching.  Because we are primarily an undergraduate university, UFV undergraduate students can work alongside their professors on research projects. 

We are accessible

Our admission policies are generous and flexible.  We accept students who might have difficulty gaining admission to a major research university. But we also recognize that a commitment to accessibility means a commitment to support. Many students are not fully prepared for the demands of university, so we help first-year students by offering small classes, Supported Learning Groups, peer mentoring, and ARTS 100. 

But note that in order to declare a major (or 2 extended minors) and thus progress towards a degree, you must complete required lower-level courses with a minimum GPA of 2. There is a limited number of majors seats in each discipline; departments with high demand may have to select only the best prepared students.


There are only two worthwhile objectives for everything we do, in the university and out of it: enhancing life and preparing for death. No institution needs a more detailed mission statement than that, as long as the people in it think about what it means.

Felipe Fernando-Armesto, Times Higher Education, 4 August 2011.






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