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College of Arts

Areas of Study



Discover what it means to be human by studying the lore and logic of cultures both past and present. As an anthropology student you will also find out more about our origins and how we changed from scavengers to city dwellers in order to reflect critically on how we live our lives.


Great communication skills are necessary when it comes to interacting in social and work environments. Studying communications will show you how to communicate more effectively and give you an edge in today’s competitive work environment.

Criminology & Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice/Criminology is an exciting and diverse field that offers a variety of challenging career avenues and opportunities for specialized research and study. UFV offers many options for students wishing to gain the knowledge and skills necessary for careers in criminal justice.


Economics is the study of how people choose to use scarce resources in attempting to reach their various goals. As an economics student, you will learn how to analyze contemporary economic problems and exercise judgment in evaluating public policy. If you are interested in pursuing a career in government, finance, law, education or business, consider studying economics. 


Build on your love of literature, creative writing, composition, and language by studying English. Develop skills in reading, writing, analysis, critical thinking, and research. You can also choose a specialized concentration in Drama, Writing and Rhetoric, or Creative Writing.

School of Land Use and Environmental Change

Are you interested in the history of our earth, the current state of our environment, and the connection between humans and place? Reflect on our world and your place within it, considering the ways that we are shaped by our environments and how we, in turn, transform those spaces.

Global Development Studies

Do you want to be able to pursue a career that builds better communities and supports sustainable development? GDS allows you to gain the critical academic knowledge, skills and experience required to become a developmental professional in Canada.

Graphic + Digital Design

Bring clarity to complex issues, and promote social causes and businesses, by becoming a graphic designer. You have the option to take courses in communication design, visual identity, dynamic media, and interactive design while preparing for a career in this dynamic field. 


Step into the past to help understand the present, learn about the history of peoples, places, cultures, and ideas, and gain valuable skills in reading, writing, analysis, research, and critical thinking. Expand your learning through practicums and study tours.

India-Canada Studies

Would you like to learn more about India and Indo-Canadian culture? If your answers is yes, you should pursue Indo-Canadian studies, where you can gain interdisciplinary knowledge about the rich social, political, and cultural heritage of the Indian community in Canada.

Indigenous Studies

Learn about the culture, leadership, government, stories, worldview, and history of the indigenous people, including the profound disruption caused by colonization. Help answer the call for truth, reconciliation, and healing.

Latin-American Studies

Have you ever wondered about the Latin-American region and its peoples? If so, consider Latin-American studies, where you can discover the vibrant, social, cultural, economic, and political landscape of Latin America, while learning some Spanish.

Media and Communication Studies

You are surrounded by social media, advertising, and the internet. The media affects our everyday lives, so why not understand it? Learn how the media has evolved, adapted, influenced our thinking, and changed how we relate to one another.

Media Arts

Are you interested in creative production in digital media? Media Arts students gain technical skills, both in digital media and in traditional artistic practice while developing their knowledge in media theory and communications.

Modern Languages

Knowing another language can open doors to many additional opportunities at home and abroad and improve your global citizenship. UFV’s Modern Languages Institute provides you with a chance to study a variety of languages including French, Halq'eméylem, Mandarin, Punjabi, Japanese, German, Russian, and Spanish.  

Peace and Conflict Studies

You can build peace by learning how to analyze and react to various real-world scenarios, become a proactive global citizen, and promote equality, conflict transformation, and intercultural dialogue. This area of study also has a special focus on local community and indigenous content.


Become a critical thinker by studying philosophy. Learn how to pose thoughtful questions, think for yourself, develop logical arguments and communicate effectively. Philosophy can allow you to become aware of both the power and limits of logic and reason.

Political Science

Have you ever wondered about Canadian and international political landscapes, the differences between different types of political systems, or thought about getting involved in politics? Political science investigates what is possible for humankind, and the public processes and institutions through which we seek to realize those possibilities.


Through studying psychology you learn how to examine human behavior and mental processes in order to understand and address both social and individual problems, while appreciating the complexity of such issues and their potential solutions.


Are you interested in working with people, and addressing social problems we struggle to solve, such as racism, sexism, and inequality? Studying sociology will help you gain a better understanding of the human condition through examining the way we communicate, learn, love, work, age, and rise to meet the challenges of everyday life. 


Immerse yourself in theatre, learning how to read a script, hang lights, or stage manage a production, while also gaining transferable skills that employers demand: collaboration, creative problem solving, communication skills, and flexibility.

Visual Arts

Develop your expressive and analytical abilities, your innovative and creative thinking, and hone your craft in a dynamic environment as you prepare for a career as a professional artist, designer, curator, or educator. 

Non-Arts Options for Students

Did you know that you can add learning in Business, Science, and other fields to your Arts degree? Your Arts degree allows you up to 55 credits in non-Arts program areas. Build the degree, the skills, and knowledge you need to achieve your goals.

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