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College of Arts

Certificate Programs

Early Modern Studies certificate

Make connections between art, literature, theatre, history, and philosophy as you discover the early modern period (roughly 1350-1789) from an interdisciplinary perspective.

India-Canada Studies certificate

This certificate offers a range of interdisciplinary knowledge so you can learn about the rich social, political, and cultural heritage of the Indian community in Canada.

Indigenous Maps, Films, Rights and Land Claims certificate

Learn about the history, communication, implementation, and critique of indigenous rights, title, and land claims in this intensive four-week certificate.

Language Proficiency certificates

Gain and demonstrate proficiency in another language! UFV’s Modern Languages Institute offers you certificates at intermediate and advanced levels in a variety of languages.

Media Literacy associate certificate

The certificate focuses on the essentials of how the media select and shape content, and the effects of these decisions on individuals and society.

Professional Communication Essentials certificate

Develop your skills in effective workplace writing and speaking. This certificate can help you stand out in today’s competitive job market.

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