Meet the RBC Arts Peer Mentors


Corinna - RBC Arts Peer Mentor Program Student Coordinator

Bachelor of Arts, French & Geography Extended Minors

Corinna is in her fourth year of her BA degree and plans to apply to UFV's Teacher Education Program to pursue her goal of becoming an elementary school teacher. Corinna hopes to use her knowledge and experiences from the past three years to help and support new students adjust as easily as possible into university life. In her spare time she enjoys reading, knitting, baking, and hanging out with friends. 



Bachelor of Arts, Sociology-Anthropology Major

Jordyn is completing her 4th year and is fuelled by a passion for gaining deeper understanding of people and culture and she plans on applying to UFV's Teacher Education Program. Finding a passion for learning and setting goals for the future doesn't always come easily and Jordyn is excited to share the steps she took to make her time at UFV enjoyable and worthwhile with her mentees. Outside of her studies, Jordyn loves to seek out new adventures, engage in her community, and travel.




Bachelor of Arts, English Literature Major

Katie is in her fourth and final year of her BA degree. She will be applying to UFV's Teacher Education Program this year, pursuing her goal to become an elementary school teacher. Katie enjoys working with people and is excited about being a peer mentor this year! Her hobbies include reading and writing and she hopes to one day write her own novel.



Bachelor of Arts, Psychology Major

Kyle is in the final year of his degree and hopes to teach English abroad after graduation. After that, he plans to come back to BC and become a middle school teacher. During his time at UFV, Kyle has experienced how helpful and supportive the UFV community is, and hopes he can help new students become a part of it. In his spare time Kyle enjoys hiking, playing guitar, and spending time with friends. Kyle hopes to explore the world as much as possible in the future!



Bachelor of Arts, Political Science Major & English Minor

Panku is a fourth-year BA student in his first year working as an RBC Arts Peer Mentor. He is hoping to become a high school teacher or work with youth in some capacity. Panku values his time on campus being involved with many student societies as well as his time at home playing with his cats! 



Bachelor of General Studies, English Minor

Riley is currnetly completing his final undergraduate year at UFV. Over the course of his studies, Riley has competed on the UFV Rowing Team and headed up the Athletes in Action club on campus. In his first year he also participated in this mentor program as a mentee and is passionate about what the program has to offer first year students. His hobbies include filmmaking and sports of all kinds. Riley hopes to one day become an elementary school teacher. 



Bachelor of Arts, History Major & Sociology Minor

Sarah is in the fourth year of her BA and plans to continue her education to become an elementary school teacher to achieve her dream of working with young kids. Sarah is excited to be a mentor for a second year and was once a mentee herself! She is eager to be helping her fellow students work towards achieving their goals. Sarah loves to travel, shop, listen to music, go to concerts, and spend time with friends. She is also a hockey fan who avidly follows the Canucks. 



Bachelor of Arts, Psychology Major

Simon is entering his fourth year at UFV and plans to attend graduate school in forensic psychology or legal studies in the future. Throughout his experiences at UFV Simon has learned the importance of organization and planning and plans to pass this on to his mentees. Simon understands the difficulty new students face and looks forward to supporting his mentees with their adjustment to university. Simon is passionate about psychology and legal studies but also enjoys going to the gym, working on cars, and going for hikes with friends.


For more information on the role of an RBC Arts Peer Mentor or to apply to become a mentor please send us an email:


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