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Experiential Learning

Transform yourself by engaging in cutting-edge intellectual and applied opportunities!

Participate in our experiential learning opportunities and apply your academic knowledge to the real-world. These opportunities will help you meet your personal and professional goals, while you build your network and develop yourself as a well-rounded and highly employable graduate.

Student associations

Join a Student Association Get involved. Join an exciting student-led association. Broaden your social network and make lasting connections. Student Associations are a great opportunity to enhance your student experiences and participate in events that are relevant to your program.

Career opportunities

Log in to Career Link to receive current job opportunities locally and abroad. UFV's Centre for Experiential and Career Education offers students coaching on resume writing, job searching, and interview prep.

Research opportunities

Engagement in research early in your academic career can help you obtain scholarships, awards, and graduate school positions. This is part of UFV's commitment to providing you with the best undergraduate education in Canada. Not only do we encourage our faculty to incorporate research into their teaching, we support our students to conduct research and share their findings.

Alumni Testimonials

UFV Arts graduates are prepared for employment, entrepreneurship, further education, and the social and ethical obligations of citizenship — both locally and globally. Have a look at the testimonials of some of our graduates and see what they have to say about their experience at UFV.

Upcoming Arts Courses

Don't have any clue about what course you want to take this semester. Don't worry and Have a look at some of the fascinating courses that UFV's offering this semester.

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