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College of Arts

Experiential learning

Transform yourself by engaging in cutting-edge intellectual and applied opportunities!

Participate in our experiential learning opportunities and apply your academic knowledge to the real-world. These opportunities will help you meet your personal and professional goals, while you build your network and develop yourself as a well-rounded and highly employable graduate.

Experiential learning is an intentional and reflective learning cycle that bridges theory and practice to develop the learners' knowledge, skills and real life scenarios/practical experience.

  • Students who want to apply their academic knowledge to real-world issues.
  • Students who want to gain more than a degree, by testing possible career paths and building their professional network and resume.
  • Students who want to further develop their skills, experiences and workforce readiness.

Explore Opportunities

Opportunities include career education, co-operative education, work-integrated learning, curricular-based experiential learning, co-curricular engagement, work study programs and volunteering.

*Please note: Choosing between domestic and international opportunities depends on your goals and whether or not it is valuable for you to develop a local or global focus. 

Domestic opportunities

Are focused locally, which means you will make connections and learn more about your community.

International opportunities

Are focused abroad, which means you will be continually exposed to a different culture, new ways of communicating and perspectives.

Work opportunities

Are focused on professional career development.

Are you an employer hoping to host a practicum student?

We partner with many local and international host organizations including:

  • MCC Canada
  • Archway Community Services
  • Provincial BC Government
  • Valley Food & Farm Collective
  • Run for Water
  • Bandits Basketball
  • City of Abbotsford

Questions about our domestic, international and work opportunities?

Please contact:

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