Why work with a UFV Arts Peer Mentor?

Let's hear from our mentees


I have been able to discuss and learn new study methodologies, reduce text anxiety, time management skills, services available on campus, and ask questions regarding coursework.

I have been able to obtain a high GPA in my first semester.  Without the program, this would have been more difficult to achieve.

The RBC Arts Peer Mentor program at UFV helped me not only to adjust to university life, but to excel.  Having a more experienced student relate his experiences to me provided me with valuable knowledge as well as a familiar face in a sea of strangers.

I am greatly interested in becoming a peer mentor myself in the future as I know first-hand the positive benefits of the program and I wish to share my passion and pride in this institution with future first-year students.

This semester has been tough, but having my peer mentor helping me through it was wonderful.  The transition from high school to university is always a little bumpy.

This program has helped me to improve and organize my university life along with aiding in the improvement of my overall grades and outlook.

Being a mentee has shown me how the simple acts of organization and talking things through can make an enormous difference in my school work and plans for the future.  I look forward to working with my peer mentor again this semester so that I can continue to unlock my full potential.

The RBC Arts Peer Mentor program has helped me greatly through my first semester of university.  I had taken off several years between graduating from high school and the start of university to work and complete an international volunteer program.  My peer mentor was able to help me get back into the studying frame of mind by providing me with studying tips, goal-setting information, and general advice about the campus and various available programs and co-curricular activities.

The program has been enormously helpful, and I plan on continuing with it next semester.


What do students need to know about the program?

Let's hear from past UFV Arts Peer Mentors


Overall it’s about connecting. We want to help students be the best they can be. Success comes in many forms.

I think students who give this program a shot will be surprised at how beneficial it can be. I think there's a misconception that it's a huge time commitment and really overwhelming but it really isn't. I meet with my students every two weeks for a 30 minute session and they're free to contact me via email in between.




 Mentors meet with their mentees regularly throughout the semester and are available between meetings via email. By participating in the program, mentees have constant access to someone who knows the ropes, making it easier to navigate both the academic and social aspects of university life.

Thinking back to my first year, I know I would have loved to have someone to talk to about credits and majors and minors and how to study and take notes and manage my time. It's not a power relationship by any means - we're students just like everyone else and we love to help in any way we can to see our fellow students succeed.



There were a few students who shied away from participating as they didn’t think they could fit it into their schedule.  It might come across as a big time commitment, but it really isn’t.  Mentors and mentees work together with their schedules to ensure that those who desire to participate are able to do so.

It's such a beneficial resource to have someone who has been through three or four years of university who can directly answer your questions and work alongside you to develop strategies to tackle the challenges of university.




I think as a whole we just hope to achieve first year student success.  Whether that's higher grades or just seeing them adjust and get involved or even just gaining confidence so they can make their university experience the best possible one. That would be an achievement in my books!

It's so cool that sometimes something small like learning a new time management trick or study skills can make a big difference in someone's life and it's nice to see that. 




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