Academic Integrity Matters (AIM) workshops: minor cases of plagiarism

Policy 70 (Student Academic Misconduct) allows instructors to address minor cases of plagiarism which most likely result from the student’s learning process.

Instructors, please use the form below to request a workshop for a student who has had minor cases of plagiarism such as:

  • Formatting errors; 
  • Using the wrong citation style;
  • Including an in-text citation, but neglecting to indicate direct quotes for one or two lines of text (i.e. the source is cited, but the student incorrectly identifies the text as a paraphrase instead of a direct quote and there is only one case of this in the Academic Work);
  • No citation of a source for a short (one or two lines of text) direct quotation, but citations are included for all other material in the assignment (i.e. there are quotation marks present but no source is indicated and there is only one case of this in the Academic Work).

Other types of academic misconduct and more egregious cases of plagiarism must be addressed by the regulations and procedures explained in the Student Academic Misconduct (70) Regulations and Procedures‌.

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Earn your grade the honest way! Check our Academic Integrity Matters website for support and strategies.

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