Banner 9

Banner 9

The Banner 9 project is a major upgrade to UFV’s ERP system, Banner. The project is now in Phase III, and making great progress. For more information on Phases I and II, or the objectives of the project, click here.

What’s happening in Phase III currently:


Phase III started with project blueprinting – a collaborative process that examined our current processes, dissected “pain points” and kick-started the reimagining of our future state.

A total of 51 blueprinting sessions were held with over 120 stakeholders and subject matter experts from 25 departments across UFV. The information gathered during the blueprinting will inform the next steps for the Banner 9 Upgrade Project.

Environment migration:

Our current technologies and environments that support Banner 8 are reaching end-of-life and are under-powered for the upgrade to Banner 9. The current goal of the environment migration is to set up the future state environments that will provide the platform to implement and configure Banner 9.

The migration of Banner’s various environments will occur in waves and will run into December 2020.

Security assessment:

The Banner 9 technical team, in collaboration with our implementation partner CampusWorks, is reviewing and assessing our current UFV Banner security practices. Through thoughtful application of the recommendations, we’ll be able to improve UFV’s ERP security and data integrity, with strong governance and procedures.

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