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Banner 9

Banner 9

The Banner 9 project is a major update to UFV’s ERP system, Banner. The project is closing out Phase III and preparing for Phase IV. For more information on Phases I, II and III, click here.

What’s happening in the project currently:

Banner environments:

One objective of the Banner 9 project is to provide a robust infrastructure system to support Banner 9. Phase II and III of the project focussed on setting up and migrating to new environments, so that we can begin to implement Banner 9 functionality.

Over Family Day 2021 long weekend, the project team successfully migrated all of Banner data from the old environments to the new environments. This move was a major milestone, and is the foundation for implementing Banner 9 functionality in Phase IV of the project.

For more information about the Banner environments, and what they’re used for, click here.

Phase IV- implementation:

Phase III of the project is wrapping up, and the project team is preparing for Phase IV – implementation. This phase of the project is where we will see Banner functionality incrementally rolled out to users. Project leadership and key stakeholders have collaborated on an implementation approach, and functionality will be rolled out based on priority and organizational need. Stay tuned for more information!

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