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Allan Arndt

Allan Arndt

Associate Professor


Abbotsford campus, B347

Phone: 604-851-6361

email Allan


BSc Biochemistry U of C

MSc. Molecular Medicine U of C

PhD Molecular Genetics and Phylogenetics SFU

Research Interests

I teach Conservation Biology, Ecology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, and Evolution.

I became a biologist because of my love of the outdoors.  Years ago, I was hiking with a friend in Waterton National Park in Alberta and when we turned a corner there was a grizzly bear about 20m away feeding on bushes next to the trail.  Gulp. We slowly and quietly backed away and were deciding what to do when luckily a Park Ranger on horseback showed up at just the right time and accompanied us to the campsite and we never saw the bear again. Darn, I guess we were too smelly and loud for that bear so I didn’t get my photo to prove it actually happened!

My love of nature has led to my research in diversity and conservation. I have worked on the development of PCR primers for the analysis of ancient moose DNA from a Cree burial site.  I have conducted a genetic assessment of post-glacial population expansion in the sea cucumber Cucumaria pseudocurata.  I have researched the genetic structure of shore crab populations in BC, supervised a molecular assessment of species status of the white faced whistling duck as well as a comparison of plant diversity in mature versus harvested/replanted forests.

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