Honorary degrees at UFV 

The UFV honorary degree selection committee welcomes the nomination of individuals for honorary degrees. Honorary degrees will be awarded at the UFV Convocation ceremonies in June. Recipients of Honorary Doctorates normally must agree to attend the Convocation ceremonies to receive the award, and would be expected to make a short address at Convocation. 

Click here for a list of past recipients.

Nominations will be considered with reference to the following "benchmarks".  While a candidate might not be expected to fulfill all of these criteria, they will be used as overall measures of the candidate's suitability:

  • Has the nominee made a significant contribution to the spirit of inquiry, learning and social progress, and enrichment of the quality of life and imagination?
  • Has the nominee extended the boundaries of the human experience in some manner?
  • Is the nominee an exemplar of noteworthy public service?
  • Is the nominee distinguished and widely recognized?
  • Is the nominee's achievement relevant and appropriate to UFV?

Nomination guidelines
Nominations must be in writing. The nomination document should include:

  • a letter that explains clearly and concisely why the nominee is deserving of the award, based on the criteria above
  • a biographical summary outlining accomplishments with examples of relevant information included
  • contact information for the nominee 

These three items should not exceed three pages.  Examples of such supporting documents might include a biography, lists of the nominee's referred publications, shows, or public performances, or documentation of other honors received by the nominee. The Selection Committee reserves the right to request further information.

UFV employees, students, alumni and members of Board of Governors may make nominations for the award of honorary degrees.  

Selection Criteria
Nominees shall not be current members of the UFV Board of Governors, UFV employees, and students at UFV, or individuals who have direct political, legal or budgetary authority over UFV. Awards will not normally be granted posthumously. 

Candidates will have made outstanding contributions which are regional, provincial, national or international in scope. Candidates' contributions must be consistent with the mission and values of UFV.

Nominations will close by the end of February. Selection of the recipients will be completed by the end of March.

Nominations may be sent to: 
Jillian Smith, Executive Assistant to the President
UFV, 33844 King Road, Abbotsford, BC, V2S 7M8 or jill.smith@ufv.ca
Tel: 604-864-4608

Past recipients

2013 Bif Naked (D.Litt); George Littlechild (D.Litt); Penny Park (D.Litt)
2012 Ray Silver, Sr. (LL.D); Red Robinson (D.Litt); Sheldon Kennedy (LL.D)
2011 Patsy George (LL.D); Vicki Gabereau (D.Litt); Madeleine Maclvor (D.Litt)
2010 Tantoo Cardinal (D.Litt); Catherine Marcellus (D.Litt);
Wally Oppal (LL.D); Chief Frank Malloway (LL.D)
Parm Bains (DLitt); Dorothy Kostrzewa (LL.D); Dalip Singh Gill (D.Litt); Robert Nicklom (D.Litt)


G.W. (Wilf) Graham (D.Litt); G. Jack Harris (LL.D); Harry Mertin (D.Litt)


Jake Friesen (D.Tech); Stan Greene (D.Litt); George Pedersen (D.Litt)


Robert Bringhurst (D.Litt); Phyllis Stenson (D.Litt); David Chalk (D.Tech)


Dr. Kuldip Gill (D.Litt)


Elizabeth Herrling (D.Litt); Barry Marsden (D.Tech); Beverly Busson (LL.D)


Linnea Battel (LL.D); Eugene Reimer (LL.D)


Jean Scott (LL.D); Andreas Schroeder (D.Litt)


David Diamond (D.Litt); Mart Kenney (D.Litt); Brian Minter (D.Tech)


Vic Hollister (D.Tech); Steven Point (LL.D)




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