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Honorary Degrees at UFV

The Honorary Doctorate Degree is the highest form of recognition offered by the University of the Fraser Valley. Honorary doctorates may be awarded in the following categories: Doctorate of Letters, Doctorate of Laws, or Doctorate of Technology.

Honorary doctorates are awarded at the UFV Convocation ceremonies. Recipients are expected to be present to receive the award, and are invited to give a brief address at Convocation.

Honorary Doctorate Degree (221) policy
List of past recipients

Selection Criteria

Honorary doctorates will be awarded to those well recognized for distinguished and visionary leadership and achievements consistent with UFV’s core values, mission, and goals.

They will exemplify the highest personal and professional standards that serve as an inspiration and model for students, faculty, staff, and our communities.

They may be eminent researchers, scholars, professionals, creative artists, performers, athletes, or persons renowned for exemplary public service regionally, nationally, or globally. It will be evident that their contributions have enriched society and the quality of life.

Nomination guidelines

UFV employees, students, alumni, members of the Board of Governors, and members of the Honorary Degree Selection Committee may submit nominations.

Nominees must not be current members of the UFV Board of Governors, current UFV employees, current students or anyone with direct political, legal, or budgetary authority over UFV.

Nominations should be in writing and include supporting documentation. Letters of support are welcome but the nominee should not be informed of the nomination.


Nominations are welcome at any time, but for consideration for award at the next convocation ceremonies, nominations must be submitted by the end of January 2018.

Nominations may be sent to: 
Darlene Glum, Executive Assistant to the President
UFV, 33844 King Road, Abbotsford, BC, V2S 7M8 or
Tel: 604-864-4608


Honorary Doctorate Recipients
2017 Dr. Nadine Caron, (LL.D.); Andy Sidhu (D.Litt); Tamara Taggart (LL.D.); Kirsten Brazier (D. Tech)
2016 Linda Frimer (D. Litt); Halldor Bjarnason, (LL.D.); Luigi Aquilini (LL.D.); George Peary (D. Tech).
2015 Shirzad Ahmed (LL.D.); Ginny Dennehy (LL.D.); Dr. Catherine Hickson (D.Tech); Margo Kane (D.Litt)
2014 Charllotte Kwon (D.Litt); Dr. George Siemens (D.Tech); Doug Hamilton (LL.D.)
2013 Bif Naked (D.Litt); George Littlechild (D.Litt); Penny Park (D.Litt)
2012 Ray Silver, Sr. (LL.D.); Red Robinson (D.Litt); Sheldon Kennedy (LL.D.)
2011 Patsy George (LL.D.); Vicki Gabereau (D.Litt); Madeleine Maclvor (D.Litt)
2010 Tantoo Cardinal (D.Litt); Catherine Marcellus (D.Litt);
Wally Oppal (LL.D.); Chief Frank Malloway (LL.D.)
2009 Parm Bains (D.Litt); Dorothy Kostrzewa (LL.D.); Dalip Singh Gill (D.Litt); Robert Nicklom (D.Litt)
2008 G.W. (Wilf) Graham (D.Litt); G. Jack Harris (LL.D); Harry Mertin (D.Litt)
2007 Jake Friesen (D.Tech); Stan Greene (D.Litt); George Pedersen (D.Litt)
2006 Robert Bringhurst (D.Litt); Phyllis Stenson (D.Litt); David Chalk (D.Tech)
2005 Dr. Kuldip Gill (D.Litt)
2004 Elizabeth Herrling (D.Litt); Barry Marsden (D.Tech); Beverly Busson (LL.D.)
2003 Linnea Battel (LL.D.); Eugene Reimer (LL.D.)
2002 Jean Scott (LL.D.); Andreas Schroeder (D.Litt)
2001 David Diamond (D.Litt); Mart Kenney (D.Litt); Brian Minter (D.Tech)
2000 Vic Hollister (D.Tech); Steven Point (LL.D.)

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