Board of Governors

Andrew Stahl

Elected Student Representative, UFV Board of Governors

‌Andrew Stahl is in his fifth year of studies at UFV completing two undergraduate degrees in Criminology and History. He has served for two years on the Student Union Society Board, this year as the elected representative for the College of Arts.

Andrew works in Langley with individuals who have mental/physical challenges to ensure community inclusion, and in his spare time he designs book covers for the published book series Von De Vorg. Andrew can often be found at the Student Union Building, rowing in Fort Langley with the UFV Cascade’s Rowing Team, or leading a youth group at Eben-Ezer Mennonite Church. If he can’t be found, it is often theorized that Andrew is held up at home playing on his PC game rig, but it is rumored that he may be lured out with the promise of tea.

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