Coursepack Print Requests

Once you have completed securing copyright*, please submit

  1. Your master copy**
  2. Coursepack request form
  3. Statement of copyright compliance, and if there is any copyrighted materials: a copyright log, and any records of permission.


*The Bookstore must verify that all coursepack production at the University of the Fraser Valley complies with Canadian copyright laws and the terms of UFV's negotiated licenses and contractual obligations. Before the Bookstore can produce a coursepack, you MUST submit all relevant documents with your coursepack materials. All requests, regardless of what is being printed, must sign the compliance statement. The coursepacks section in the UFV Copyright Guide contains instructions and information about completing these forms. Contact the Copyright Librarian if you have any copyright questions or concerns about your coursepack content.

**If you are not in possession of a master copy, it is possible that the Bookstore or Print Services does have one on file, however the instructor is responsible for ensuring use of the correct version and for all edits of the material.

Please submit the following either electronically to or in the mail to "Coursespack, Abbotsford H157."

Fall 2017 Submission Deadlines

The following dates help us insure that we can have everything on the shelf by the first day of classes:

Textbook Adoptions are due May 15th
Coursepack Requests are due June 15th
General Merchandise orders related to courses are due June 15th


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