How do I find my textbooks?

You can start the search for your textbooks at  Select your campus, select your course and view the list of materials required and suggested for your course.  You have the option to add your textbooks to your cart and checkout.  We are happy to package your textbooks for in-store pick up or ship to your house if you prefer.

If you see more than one option for a specific textbook, there may be two different editions that the Instructor has approved.  If you are unsure which to purchase, email or call us and we can help.

What if I can't find my course?

Your Instructor may still be deciding on the course materials or no materials will be required for your class.  We receive textbooks right up to the first day of class, please check back often and speak to your Instructor on the first day of class.

What is the difference between a required and optional textbook?

A required textbook is a book your Instructor has chosen which contains necessary readings and materials for the course. An optional book is supplemental material to assist in your studies, however is not mandatory for the course.

Can I sell my book back at the end of the class?

When books are scheduled to be used in the next term, we add these books to our list to buy back at the end and beginning of each semester.  There are a few reasons why we would not buy back a book at the end of term:

The Instructor has selected a new book.
The course is not offered in the upcoming term.
The book is going into a new edition.
The book may contain a workbook or loose-leaf section.
The book includes an electronic access code when purchased new.

What is a Coursepack?

A coursepack is created by your Instructor specifically for your course. It may include book excerpts, journal articles, or course notes. Some out-of print books are reproduced as coursepacks. 

I am having trouble activating my E-Book or Access Code

If you are having trouble purchasing or activating your E-Book or Access Code, please review access code problem solving.  You will find information on common problems and solutions and a list of contacts that can assist you.

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