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Business Transformation Office

Business Transformation Office

The Business Transformation Office (BTO) is an integral part of Information Technology Services and the Office of the CIO.  The BTO is accessible to the whole University. We facilitate, coordinate, and collaborate in cross-functional business improvement initiatives by providing project management and business analysis expertise. 

The need for change can sometimes be evident, while at other times, it may not be so. Some elements that could indicate it's time to consider improvement could involve:

  • Evolution of a department
  • Opportunity to improve the student experience through business improvement
  • New or regulatory initiatives
  • A naturally developing staff with resulting improving skill-sets


What is business transformation?

Business transformation is complex by nature. A balancing act between adapting to an ever changing environment in post-secondary and maintaining business operations. Transformation is not always a technical project: it involves the evolution of work practices, roles and responsibilities, and transformation on a grander scale. BTO resources are available to identify and remove barriers to implement change.

From the BTO perspective, transformation can take many shapes, including: Technical, Operational, Strategic, or Mandatory.

In practice there are no clear boundaries between these transformations, most often including multiple types of transformation at once. 

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