Annual Calendar
In-sync with your Canadian counterparts

UFV follows a similar academic calendar in India to that in Canada, to ensure a smooth, seamless transition between campuses for any students who wish to transfer. Dates are subject to change.

Admission open
Year-round. Seats awarded first-come, first-served, to those who meet requirements, until program fills. Students who do not meet requirements will be interviewed and may require further assessment, and may be placed on a waitlist.

Application process closes 
As soon as seats are filled. Students can preserve their place on a first-come, first-served basis, as early as three years in advance. Admission is later finalized upon submission of Class 12 marks sheet. To avoid disappointment, apply as early as possible.

First year tuition fee payment deadline 
Tuition is due immediately upon receipt of your acceptance package from UFV. Once you pay your fees, your seat is guaranteed. If you have applied for a student loan and require an extension, you must submit documentation from your bank outlining when your loan is expected.

Hostel application date and fee deadline for students who require hostel
Monday, July 5, 2013

Upper levels tuition fee payment due
June 7, 2013
A penalty of Rs. 500 per day, based on a regular M-F business week, will be
levied for late tuition payments from returning students.

Foundation in Business Administration (FIBA) 
Four weeks, Mon–Sat, 9:30am–1:30pm
July 26–August 21, 2013

Student break 
August 22–29, 2013

Fall semester 
13 weeks, Mon–Sat
August 31–December 11, 2013

Fall Compressed Semester 1
(7 weeks, Mon–Sat) 
August 30–October 16, 2013

Fall Compressed Semester 1 final exams 
October 18–25, 2013

Fall Compressed Semester 2
(7 weeks, Mon–Sat) 
October 25–December 11, 2013

Fall Regular & Compressed Semester 2 final exams 
December 13–18, 2013

Winter break  
December 19, 2013–January 2, 2014

Winter Regular Semester
(13 weeks, Mon–Sat) 
January 3–April 16, 2014

Winter Compressed Semester 3
(7 weeks, Mon–Sat) 
January 3–February 19, 2014

Winter Compressed Semester 1 final exams 
February 21–26, 2014

Winter Compressed Semester 4
(7 weeks, Mon–Sat) 
February 28–April 16, 2014

Winter Regular & Compressed Semester 2 final exams 
April 18–April 23, 2014

Break/Summer industry projects

Summer school (upgrading)
May–August (limited courses are offered during the summer for students who failed to receive credit during the regular semester, or who would like to improve their marks). Courses offered at an additional rate of CDN$500.

Mathematics upgrading course
(New students who either didn’t take Math 12, or who scored <65%, upgrade their mathematics during the summer between first and second year.)
Eight weeks

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