How much will it cost?

UFV offers this degree program in India at approximately 35 per cent of what it would cost you to complete the identical program as an international student at UFV in Canada. 

Annual fees in India
Approximate annual student budget in Canada
Fee payment

Annual fees in India

Application Fee :              INR 2000
Tuition (program) fee:     CDN $ 5500*

*The four-year program costs CDN$5500 per year and will vary slightly based on the rate of exchange. To determine the exact rate of exchange on the date of fee payment, please visit and select Currency Converter. This program fee includes three components:

  1. Four-week Foundation in Business Administration (FIBA) program (July-August) for first-year students)
  2. Eight months (two 13-week semesters) of academic delivery and evaluation (September to April)
  3. Summer project experience with industry 

Approximate annual student budget in Canada
Students choosing to complete a portion of the program in Canada should budget approximately Rs.10-12 Lacs (CAD $ 24500) per year, based on an average student lifestyle. This budget includes international student fees, mandatory medical and dental insurance, accommodation, food, laundry, transportation, utilities, entertainment, and return flights.

The following student budget is an approximate breakdown only, and will vary by lifestyle. An approximation of costs is listed here in Indian rupees for ease of comparison only. Permanent residents and Canadian citizens do not pay international student fees — please refer to domestic student fees in this case.

Item    Cdn $   Indian Rs.  Details
Application fee    150   8250 one-time fee
Tuition (program) fee   13,350    7,34,250 2 semesters
Textbooks    1,350   74,250 approximate cost of books
Accommodation   5,000   2,75,000 approx $625/month x 8 months
Food   1,280   70,400 approx $160/month
Medical/Dental   518   28,490  mandatory
Extended Health Insurance   160    8800 mandatory
Airport Reception   150   8,250 only if requested
U-Pass Bus Pass   80   4400  unlimited transit for UFV students
Spending Money   2,000   1,10,000 varies by lifestyle 
Ancillary Fees*   600   33,000 $300/semester x 2 semesters
Total: One academic year   $24,638    INR 13,55,090    

* Ancillary fee in Canada provides support for activities, athletics, library and technical services, legacy fund and construction of the student activity centre.

Fee Payment
Application fee: must be paid at the time of submitting your application form.

Tuition Fee
In order to guarantee your seat, the full annual program fee must be paid in full, upon receipt of your acceptance package from UFV. UFV does not offer an instalment payment plan. Fees may be paid in Indian rupees, either by electronic transfer, cash or demand draft (to be made in the name of 'Indo Canadian Education Society', payable at Chandigarh). Students who do not pay their fees in a timely fashion will lose their seat to the next fee-paying applicant who meets admission requirements. However, if you are experiencing difficulty and require a fee payment extension, please discuss your situation with UFV staff in advance of the deadline. Fee must be made by electronic transfer or direct deposit to the university bank account. Details regarding deposit information will be included with your letter of acceptance.

Textbooks & UFV’s Resource Library

There is an annual fee for the resources provided by UFV which amounts to Rs. 15,000. This fee must be paid at the time of tuition fee payment.

This fee provides you with on-going access to UFV’s resource library, where you can source the materials you require in order to complete your assignments and studies. It also includes the cost of additional Canadian textbooks that will be supplied to you on the first day of your classes. Students are required to buy the Indian textbooks on their own whereas UFV will lend the Canadian texts to the students for the particular semester.

Please note, UFV takes great care to keep the cost of its textbooks as low as possible for students; whenever possible, we have identified books printed by Indian publishers that are equivalent to their Canadian counterparts but are less costly.

Mathematics Upgrading

This fee is applicable for the NEW INTAKE only. If your Letter of Acceptance indicates that you must complete the UFV Mathematics Upgrading program (along with the FIBA), you will be charged CDN $ 550 for this course. You do not require mathematics upgrading if you completed Math +2 with a minimum mark of 65%.

Industry Liaison fee

There is an annual fee towards Industry liaison initiatives amounting to Rs. 10,000. This fee must be paid at the time of tuition fee payment, using the same deposit process outlined.

UFV brings to India the BBA that has been successfully delivered in Canada for more than 15 years. Rather than focusing on theories and examinations, this BBA has been designed in consultation with more than 650 leading companies to ensure that your skills match the needs of today’s rapidly changing industry. UFV aims at fostering greater industry-academia collaboration.

Fee deposit guidelines

The total amount due may be paid either by demand draft (in the name of INDO CANADIAN EDUCATION SOCIETY), cheque (in the name of INDO CANADIAN EDUCATION SOCIETY), cash, or electronic transfer. A fee payment instruction sheet will be issued to the students outlining the total amount due. The rate of exchange will also be shown on that slip. UFV refers to one source for ROE for all transactions — (Currency Converter). If you have applied for a loan and require an extension for fee payment, you must submit documentation from your lending bank that details the expected date of payment.

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