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Frank Ulbrich

Frank Ulbrich, PhD

Director, School of Business

School of Business

Abbotsford campus, C2423

Phone: 604-854-4550

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Dr. Frank Ulbrich, Director School of Business, joined the University of the Fraser Valley in 2013. He holds a PhD in Business Administration from the Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden.

Prior to joining the School of Business, Dr. Ulbrich held positions at universities in Canada, Sweden, and the UK, where he most recently directed the PhD program at Newcastle Business School. 

Dr. Ulbrich is a strong proponent of fundamental and applied research. He is actively involved in the Association for Information Systems and the Organization Systems Research Association. His research concentrates on the development, strategic management, and use of information and communication technologies in the context of organizational design, managerial intent, and the impact on people. He has published numerous refereed articles, book chapters, and conference proceedings.

Dr. Ulbrich is an Associate Editor of the Communications of the Association for Information Systems, Track Chair at the Americas Conference on Information Systems and the International Conference on Information Resources Management, and member of various editorial review boards.


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  • Ulbrich, F. (2006) Improving shared service implementation: Adopting lessons from the BPR movement. Business Process Management Journal, 12(2), 191–205. DOI: 10.1108/14637150610657530

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