Speech and Language Assistant diploma

Entrance requirements

Completion of a minimum of 30-credit certificate in a related field (such as ECE, CYC, Social Services, Recreation Therapy, Music Therapy) including six credits of university transfer English or communications, six credits of Human Development/Developmental Psychology, and a GPA of 2.84 or higher;


30 university transfer credits including six credits of Human Development/Developmental Psychology, and six credits in English/Communications with overall GPA of 2.33 or higher.

It is strongly recommended that all applicants for the program have a current first aid certificate and updated Rubella and TB clearance.

Program length and location

This program is available on a part-time basis only, and can be completed over a minimum of two years. Classes are held at Mission or Abbotsford campuses.

How to apply

1. Submit the application fee along with your UCFV application for admission form to the Admissions and Records (A&R) office. Application forms are available from any A&R or Student Services office. You can also print an application form from our website at www.ufv.ca/ar, or you can apply directly through the internet at www.pas.bc.ca. See the Admissions chart for a complete list of application dates and general admission information.

Additional documents required for a complete application:

2. After your application is received, the Admissions and Records office will inform you of an orientation that you must attend. Further details about the program, including registration, scheduling and costs, will be available at the orientation session.

Program outline




SLA 201

 Introduction to the Profession of Speech-Language Pathology and the Role of the Speech Language Assistant


SLA 202

 Language, Learning, and Literacy


SLA 203

 Communication Disorders and Intervention Techniques


SLA 204



SLA 205



SLA 206

 Amplification Systems Aural Rehabilitation


SLA 207

 Language Learning Environments


SLA 209

 Introduction to Linguistics


or LING 101

 Introduction to Language

SLA 215

 Practicum — 200 hours





Course listings

For complete details on courses see the Course descriptions section.

Full-time faculty

Christine Puder, BA CYC (UVic), MEd (UBC), Program Head
Gwen Clarke, ECE Dip, IDP, AEdP (VCC)
D’Anne Epp, BA, MEd (Ottawa)
Linda Matwichuk, BA (Man), Grad. Studies ECE (WWU), MAdEd (St. FX)
Maple Melder Crozier, BA (CSU), MS Ed Psyc (CSUH)
Lou Schroeder, ECE, MEd Elem. Ed. (Wichita State)
Les Stagg, BEd, MEd (UBC)

Part-time faculty

George Melzer, MECE (SFU)
Cindy Rammage, BA (UVic)

Sessional faculty

Colleen Bohlen, BA (UBC), MA (WWU)
Diane Eynon, BA (Minn.), MA (N. Dakota)
Barry Forer, BSc (Toronto), MA (UVic)
Stacie Prescott, BEd (UBC), MA, RCC
Iona Snair, BA (Waterloo), MA (UBC)


Doris Ball, Department Assistant

ECE/CYC External Advisory committee

The following committee list does not include members of the ECE/CYC department.

Dawn Adamson, Langley School District No. 35
Pam Biero, Peardonville House
Bev Barnaby, RN, Fraser Valley Health Region
Barbara Braun, Braun-Tasaurus Preschool
Loretta Cooper, Upper Fraser Valley Health Region
Sandi Cubbon
Luda Diakonova, Busy Bear Club Preschool
Diane Eynon, Fraser Valley Child Development Centre
Ronnie Gill, Best for Babies/Multicultural Coordinator
Vernie Greenhalf, Supported Child Care
Cheryl Havens, Out-of-school-care Representative

Charlaine Avery
, Abbotsford Addictions Centre
Sue Khazie, Ministry for Children & Families
Laurie Kocher, School District #34
Joanne Laliberte, The Rotary House
Jim Latham, Chilliwack School District
Dr. Rob Lees, Community Psychologist
Marilyn Leskin, Principal, Bakerview School
Maggie Medcalfe. SCC, Fraser Valley Child Development Centre
Bev Olfert, New Beginnings/Youth Commission
Penny Peterson, Coordinator, Family Services
Donald Preston, SLP, Fraser Valley Health Region
Lorna Rannie, Infant Dev. Prog., F. V. Child Development Centre
Gwen Reese, ECE, Columbia Bible College
Linda Weismiller, Chilliwack Developmental Preschool
Heather Wood, SCC, Mission Association for Community Living
Donna White, Upper Fraser Valley Health Region

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