DRAFT: UFV Academic Calendar Fall 2014

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Agriculture Technology

Livestock Production certificate

Students seeking practical training in livestock production can earn a Livestock Production certificate. Graduates of this program will be qualified to seek employment on dairy farms, as government technicians, in other supply and livestock sectors, and in the agri-service sectors. Some graduates start their own enterprises.

The one-year Livestock Production certificate program transfers completely to the two-year Agriculture Technology diploma, Livestock Production option. Graduates may also be able to transfer their Livestock Production certificate to other Agriculture diploma programs.

Fees and additional costs

See the Fees and Other Costs section. In addition to tuition fees, you should budget approximately $1,500 for the year for textbooks, field trips, and supplies.

Program requirements

For entrance requirements and other details for all Agriculture Technology programs, please see this section.

Program outline

Semester I (Fall)

Course Title Credits
AGRI 142 Agribusiness Principles  
 or  BUS 100 Introduction to Business 3
AGRI 163 Pest Biology and Identification 3
AGRI 237 Introduction to the Health and Nutrition of Farm Animals 3
AGRI 238 Equine Production and Management 3
CMNS 125 Introduction to Workplace Communication 3
In even-numbered years:  
AGRI 239 Management and Production of Beef, Sheep, and Goats 3
In odd-numbered years:  
AGRI 256 Management and Production of Poultry and Swine 3

Semester II (Winter)

Course Title Credits
AGRI 183 Farm and Equipment Safety 3
AGRI 192 Practicum I 3
AGRI 203 Fundamentals of Pest Management 3
AGRI 204 Introduction to Soils and Soil Fertility 3
AGRI 254 Ruminant Animal Health 3
AGRI 328 Forage Crop Production: Science and Practice 3
AGRI 331 Dairy Production and Management: Science and Practice 3

Qualified students who successfully complete the one-year Livestock Production certificate program may also opt to receive a Milker Technician certificate by working in a milking parlour to fulfill the requirements for AGRI 192, Practicum I.

Note: Courses in artificial insemination and agricultural welding are recommended but not required. Information on outside agencies offering these courses can be obtained from the Agriculture Technology department. Approximate cost for these outside courses is $550.

Course listings

For complete details on courses see the course descriptions section.

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