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Mennonite Studies

English language proficiency requirements

Students registering in post-secondary level courses (numbered 100 to 499) will be required to meet the English language entrance proficiency requirements. Students in ELS or the University Foundations programs can register in those courses identified in the University Foundations program with lower levels of language proficiency.

Please note that not all courses are offered every semester.

MENN 100

3 credits

Introduction to Mennonite Studies

Prerequisite(s): None

An interdisciplinary introduction to the Mennonite experience. While this course incorporates a general historical framework, it will draw on sociology, economics, religious studies, political science, ethnology, geography, fine arts, and other disciplines.

MENN 300

4 credits

Mennonite Development and Relief Organizations

Prerequisite(s): MENN 100 or 45 university-level credits.

This course focuses on the philosophical underpinnings and work of local and international Mennonite development and relief organizations. Students analyze and evaluate this work through in-class lectures, course readings and assignments, meeting the organizations’ representatives, and field work.

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