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Community Pharmacy Technician certificate

Note: This program is unavailable until further notice. Please contact 604-851-6324 for details.

The Community Pharmacy Technician certificate program provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to find employment as a pharmacy technician.

Students will gain knowledge of:

  • The history, law, and ethics of pharmacy practice in Canada
  • Pharmaceutical mathematics
  • Prescription preparation
  • Recordkeeping
  • Inventory management
  • Home health products
  • Compounding techniques
  • Communication skills including customer relations and drug information retrieval skills
  • Elementary pharmacology, physiology, and anatomy job search skills

The training program is offered over nine months as a part-time program on Saturdays. Theory components must be successfully completed prior to practicum placement.

A practicum is required upon completion of the program.

Entrance requirements

1. Successful completion of Grade 12 or equivalent (please attach copy of transcript).

2. Grade 10 Math and Grade 11 Science: Biology or Chemistry (please attach copy of transcript).

3. Strong oral and written knowledge of English.

4. A CPT (composition placement test) score of 48 or better or successful completion of ELS course level 080 English may be required.

5. Typing speed of 30 wpm (attach copy of certification).

6. Completion of an introductory computer course or equivalent experience.

7. A 500-word written statement outlining your reasons for taking the program.

8. A personal interview with the course instructor.

9. Personal suitability.

10. Good health.

11. Must be bondable. (Must submit a criminal record check prior to being placed in practicum)

Program objectives

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate appropriate knowledge and understanding of pharmacy's role in the health care industry
  • Demonstrate thorough knowledge and understanding of the duties and responsibilities of pharmacy technicians, including standards of ethics governing pharmacy practice
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of the pharmaceutical and medical terms, abbreviations, and symbols commonly used in the prescribing, dispensing, and administering of medications
  • Perform the mathematical calculations required for the usual dosage determinations
  • Perform the essential functions relating to drug purchasing and inventory control
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of drug dosages, routes of administration, and drug delivery systems
  • Perform the manipulative and recordkeeping functions associated with the dispensing of prescriptions including the completion of third-party insurance claim forms
  • Perform the essential patient functions on the three most commonly used computer pharmacy systems
  • Demonstrate appropriate knowledge and understanding of the purchase and retail sale of home health products available in community pharmacies
  • Communicate effectively in the workplace
  • Use job-search skills.

Working conditions and personal skills and attributes

Community pharmacy technicians are often required to work shifts and/or weekends and holidays. Furthermore, many pharmacy technician positions remain open in communities outside British Columbia's Lower Mainland due to a shortage of trained personnel.

Therefore, recommended skills or attributes of applicants include:

  • Flexibility in job placement and work schedule.
  • Good communication and people skills.
  • Good physical health and coordination.
  • St. John First Aid and/or CPR certificate.

When to apply

This program is not currently accepting applications.

How to apply

  1. Fill out a UFV Application for Admission form (available at
  2. Fill out a Continuing Education additional application form (available at
  3. Attach your written statement explaining why you would like to be a community pharmacy technician.
  4. Attach all documentation and submit the completed application package to the Continuing Education office in Abbotsford.
  5. You may be required to take a composition placement test and/or a math placement test.
  6. Once advised of acceptance to the program, you may register.

Financial aid

For more information, contact the Financial Aid and Awards office at either the Abbotsford or Chilliwack campus. There are also a variety of bursary applications available from the Financial Aid and Awards offices.

Student evaluation

Students will be evaluated for each course in the program on classroom participation, classroom assignments, study projects, practica, and by examination. You must maintain a grade percentage of 75% and an attendance record of 90%. All theory components must be successfully completed prior to practicum placement

Note: In PHAR 03 (Pharmaceutical Technology), you must obtain 100%.

Challenge policy

Students challenging components are required to pay the full tuition fee for that section prior to examination. (Based on UFV's Course Challenge policy.)


In addition to classroom activities, students will be required to research, study and prepare assignments outside of class for approximately three to four hours per week.

Schedule of courses

All classes will be held on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Program runs September—July. Students will be required to attend lab sessions at the University of British Columbia.

Course descriptions

Introduction to Community Pharmacy Practice (PHAR1)

This course familiarizes students with the role of the pharmacy, pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians in the health care system. Topics include history, law, ethics, and the basic concepts and terms in the practice.

Introduction to the Health Sciences (PHAR2)

An introductory class which examines the anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology of the human body. Students will learn the names of the most-used pharmaceutical agents including brand names, generic names, therapeutic classification, dosage forms and strengths, recordkeeping, and special storage.

Pharmaceutical Technology (PHAR3)

This course will provide students with the technical skills to perform as a pharmacy technician. The course will provide the mathematical skills required for the compounding and dispensing of pharmaceutical products that are taught in the laboratory component of this course.

Community Pharmacy Practice (PHAR4)

This course provides students with the information and skills necessary to fulfil the specialty functions of a community pharmacy technician. Topics include third-party billing, inventory management, computer systems, and home health products.

Professional Development (PHAR5)

Interpersonal skills are essential in your role as a pharmacy technician as you communicate with other health care providers and the public. This course describes principles and elements of communication, types of communication, barriers to communication, and practical communication skills.

Practicum (PHAR6)

The practicum provides students with an opportunity to apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills in a workplace setting.

For more information

Contact Continuing Education at 604-851-6324, or 604-504-7441 local 6324, or toll-free (within Canada) 1-888-504-7441 local 4626, or

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