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School of Business

UFV offers a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and a Business Administration diploma (both with an available Co-operative Education option), and part-time certificates in Administration and Marketing and Sales. An Accounting certificate is also available for students who have completed college-level accounting, and several options and concentrations are available as part of the BBA. Students in the BBA can choose to minor in Economics, and a Business minor is available to students in other degree programs. Students who choose to combine their BBA with a minor or extended minor in an Arts or Science discipline must complete all the requirements of the BBA and all the discipline requirements of the minor or extended minor. If you are interested in pursuing this option, contact the Business program advisor to discuss your program plan. Several concentrations are also available in the BBA program. Specific entrance requirements into the BBA are available for students in Trades Management or Agriculture Management.

It is possible to begin Business Administration program courses as a Business Studies student, but in order to complete a program students must eventually apply and be accepted into one of the department’s programs and meet all of the entrance, academic performance, and course requirements. Students are encouraged to apply before completing three Business Administration courses.

UFV also offers a Bachelor of Business Administration (Aviation) degree, with either a Heavy Jet Transportation or Professional Flight Instructor option. See the Aviation section for more information.

Business-related certificates are also offered through Continuing Education.

Bachelor of Business Administration degree
    Options and concentrations

    Agriculture Management
    Trades Management

    Economics minor

Bachelor of Business Administration (Aviation) degree

Business Administration diploma

Accounting certificate

Administration certificate

Marketing and Sales certificate

Business minor

Management Post-degree certificate

Course listings

For complete details on courses see the course descriptions section.