DRAFT: UFV Academic Calendar Fall 2015

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Mathematics and Statistics

UFV offers a major in mathematics and extended minors and minors in both mathematics and mathematics/statistics as part of its Bachelor of Arts program, as well as an Honours and major in mathematics and minors in both mathematics and mathematics/statistics as part of its Bachelor of Science program. A Data Analysis Post-degree certificate is also available, and a minor in mathematics is offered as part of the Bachelor of Computer Information Systems program. Mathematics and statistics courses taken to satisfy Bachelor of Arts extended minor or minor requirements will be counted as Arts subjects.

• Mathematics major (for BA students)

• Mathematics extended minor (for BA students)

• Mathematics minor (for BA and BGS students)

• Mathematics extended minor (Statistics option) (for BA students)

• Mathematics minor (Statistics option) (for BA and BGS students)

• Mathematics minor (for BCIS students)

Mathematics Honours (for BSc students)

• Mathematics major (for BSc students)

• Mathematics minor (for BSc students)

• Mathematics minor (Statistics option) (for BSc students)

Data Analysis Post-degree certificate

Math and Stats Centres

UFV is committed to helping students succeed in their study of mathematics and statistics. The Math and Stats Centres in Abbotsford and Chilliwack are open at various times throughout the week, Monday to Friday. Students are encouraged to come to the centres for help with math or stats questions. Computer software, including versions of MAPLE and MINITAB, is available on centre computers for student use. Students may also sign out math or stats books to supplement their course work.

Course listings

For complete details on courses see the MATH or STAT course descriptions section. Students pursuing a minor or major degree in mathematics should note that not all courses will be offered every year. In order to increase the availability of upper-level courses, students should take at least four 200-level Mathematics courses during their second year, and take an introductory statistics course such as MATH 270/STAT 270 in their second or third year. Students pursuing the statistics option of a math degree should take MATH 270/STAT 270 in their second year.