Minor Renovations

The Campus and Facilities Planning Working Group continues to meet regularly.  If you have questions about any of these projects or upcoming plans please submit them to campusplanning@ufv.ca.

Minor Renovation Projects 2010

Proposed Project to be completed by Summer 2010:

Canada Education Park (CEP) - 1017 - An Existing building will be renovated to incorporate the Print Shop, Facilities Workshop, Grounds Equipment storage and Archive & General Storage.

Proposed Plan

Minor Renovation Projects - 2009

Renovations have been completed over the summer in the following areas:

  • Teacher Education Program (E101) in Chilliwack to accommodate additional cohort this summer and address program needs
  • Health Science (C131) in Chilliwack to create a new Simulation/Nursing lab and accommodate growth
  • Deans area (B315) in Abbotsford to create 2 offices and more functional space
  • Teaching & Learning Centre (G131) in Abbotsford to create offices and support space with better presence
  • Employee Relations (A288) in Abbotsford was a office relocation to accommodate growth and department needs
  • Finance department (A291) in Abbotsford was a office reconfiguration to accommodate growth and operations

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