LEED certified buildings at UFV

  • Canada Education Park building A achieved LEED Gold
  • Abbotsford Student Union building achieved LEED Gold
  • ‌Abbotsford building C expansion achieved LEED Silver equivalency

What is LEED?

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a rating system recognized by over 132 countries around the world. It ensures that buildings are environmentally compatible while still providing a healthy work environment. It is accomplished by using recycled construction materials and energy efficient appliances. It is becoming more common that new projects not only be approved for zoning, but also for environmental impact.

How is LEED certification achieved?

There are a number of LEED® rating systems available to meet the needs of different building and project types. Each LEED rating system consists of prerequisites and credits. Prerequisites are required elements, or green building strategies that must be included in any LEED certified project. Credits are optional elements, or strategies that projects can elect to pursue to gain points toward LEED certification. 

With four possible levels of certification (certified, silver, gold and platinum), LEED is flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of green building strategies that best fit the constraints and goals of particular projects.

Learn more about the process at Canada Green Building Council.

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