Guiding space-renovation and planning

We work closely with the university community to develop and modify a physical environment that supports student success and enables faculty and staff to provide the best in undergraduate education.

Where to begin?

Read our space renovation principles

Review the Capital submissions process (flow chart of steps and departments involved)‌

Project proposals considerations

  • How will it support university plans and standards
  • Innovations, creativity and inclusiveness
  • Stakeholder benefits/impacts
  • Sustainability
  • Costs
  • Return on investment
  • Project risk

What we need from you

1. Discuss your space request with your department head or director 

2. Fill in the Space Renovation Project Proposal form

3. Have your request initiated by either a department head or director

4. Have your request approved by your respective dean or vice-president

5. Once initiated and approved, submit your request to the assistant, Campus Planning and Capital Projects for review and prioritization (Please attach any supporting documents to this email)

Intake periods for capital project proposals

For 2019 (NOTE: only a two month window)

September 1, 2018 - November 15, 2018 (extended from October 31, 2018)

For 2020

December 1, 2018 - August 31, 2019

Learn more‌

Space Renovation Project Proposal (request form includes requirement for detailed information; project description, funding, impacts, benefits, etc.)

Space Management (UFV policy #220 - Administration and Operations)

Use of University Space (UFV policy #132 - Administration and Operations)

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