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Campus Recreation


Join as an individual or as a team

All participants must:

  1. Must sign in to MyCampusLife and join the sport specific League Organization. Search sport name under the Organizations tab.
  2. Read the information about League Guiding Principles.
  3. Complete a waiver or informed consent with Sport Organizer on your first day.

Register as a team

  1. Download and complete the League Registration Form and list all team members.
  2. Choose an appropriate team name (see below).
  3. Submit completed Team Registration Form to Client Service desk (E150) in building E or email Payment is due on first day of league.
  4. Invite your teammates to fill in the Player Registration for Submitted Roster form on myCampusLife.
  5. Attend the captain's meeting. Dates are listed in Intramural Sport League details. Failure to do so will result in a default of your first game (alternative captain can be sent on your behalf). See Team captain role below.

Register as free agent (Individual)

  1. Visit the sport specific League Organization on myCampusLife and fill out the Free Agent registration form. No payment is required at this time, but will be due on the first day of league.
  2. Attend the captain's meeting (dates and times are listed in Intramural Sport League). An email will be sent with more information one week before the league starts.

Want to play with a friend? No problem! There is a section in on the Free Agent registration form to list your friends.


Roles and responsibilities

Team captain role
Choose a team name
Additional registration and league information

Team captain role

Captains are integral to the success and enjoyment of intramural league sports. They are a vital link in the communication process between the Sport Organizers and the individual participants. Captains are responsible for obtaining and understanding all intramural league information, passing it on to team members and keeping up-to-date on schedule changes. Captains are team leaders, both on and off the court. It’s not for everyone – so be sure to read the following carefully before signing up.

All captains must:

  • Invite team members to fill in the Player Registration for Submitted Roster form on myCampusLife once the team registration form is submitted.
  • Attend the mandatory Captain's Meeting. Dates are listed in Intramural Sport League details above.
  • JOIN the Organization on myCampusLife and check weekly for updates, as all schedules and communications are done through the Leagues Organization on myCampusLife portal.
  • Maintain a cooperative attitude with all intramural staff and officials; serves as an example of good sportspersonship for others to follow
  • Inform all players of policies, procedures and rules 
  • Ensure that their team abides by the League Rules and Code of Conduct and play fairly and with respect
  • Ensure players sign in on game sheets before each competition
  • Ensure that the team is aware of each week’s playing schedule
  • Make sure that your team’s first priority is to have fun through healthy competition.
  • Inform the Sport Organizer as soon as possible if your team is unable to attend a game by emailing

Choose a team name

UFV is committed to providing a learning and working environment that is safe, respectful and inclusive of all members of the university community. Therefore, Campus Recreation promotes an environment free of discriminatory, inappropriate, and disrespectful conduct or communication. Campus Recreation reserves the right to disallow any team name that we feel is unacceptable. In the event we choose to remove a team name we will change the team name to the captain’s name until a suitable replacement name is provided. Once the league begins, your team name is still subject to change if any concerns are raised over its intended nature.

Additional registration and league information

  • Team and player registration fee must be paid on the first day of league play. Fees will be calculated based on the date your team roster was submitted. Fees listed under each sport league 
  • Team rosters must meet the minimum and maximum requirements for roster sizes. Details are listed under each sport above. 
  • Additional UFV reserve players can be added to for $15.00/player and community reserve players for $20.00. Reserves can be added by emailing Include team name, reserve player’s name and email addresses. 
  • Teams with free spots are encouraged to pick up ‘Free Agents’ to maximize the playing opportunities and to make some new friends!
  • Teams must be available to play at any time during the scheduled evenings.
  • Team fees vary dependent on the sport. Double check the cost and early bird prices, so your team doesn't miss out!
  • Scheduling is dependent on the number of teams that register.
  • All participants of sports leagues must be familiar with the sport rules and guiding principles of the league.

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