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Thrive Week

‌‌‌What is Thrive Week?


These past two years have been difficult for everyone, so let's find some ways to thrive together!

Thrive week is a week that is dedicated to promoting mental health awareness and creating a positive well-being within the UFV community. It's about providing a safe space for well-being, self-care and continuing the conversations around mental health. It's important for students, and faculty to learn about the resources offered through UFV and alter our perceptions towards mental health as a community.

This is a series of FREE events around campus that focus on the promotion of positive mental health through encouraging dialogue about balance, community engagement, social support and healthy lifestyle choices. Thrive week events are open to ALL UFV students, staff and faculty.

Thrive week promotes mental health literacy by:

  • Promoting the knowledge of mental health and how to foster and maintain it
  • Reflecting and celebrating the diversity of experiences related to mental health at UFV
  • Ensuring our actions and communications are informed by evidence in the field of mental health


How can you be involved?

You can play a role within Thrive week by hosting an event or activity that supports and promotes mental health literacy


1. Be a Special Event Partner

  • Promote special events designed specifically for Thrive Week that are open to students, faculty, staff and all members of the UFV community.

2. Be a Thrive Partner

  • Promote your existing program, event or activity that you can currently host as a Thrive event, or host an event for a specific audience such as your club or department

3. Highlight in the Classroom

  • Include an assignment that is about promoting positive mental health awarness
  • Bring students to a Thrive event on campus
  • Email your students the Thrive schedule, or host a discussion about Thrive Week in class


Events can be hosted on either Chilliwack or Abbotsford Campus, a virtual platform - or all! If you have chosen to be a part of Thrive, please promote your event on your social media platforms using the hashtags #UFVThrive #ThrivewithUFV #MentalHealthMatters



Become a Thrive Partner

Play a role with Thrive and host and event or activity that supports mental health literacy.

Click here to sign up and become a Thrive Partner


Become a Thrive Ambassador

Are you looking to gain volunteer experience while making a difference on campus? Join the Thrive Ambassador team! Make new friends, learn new skills, and help our university spread awareness and advocate for mental health.

Click here to learn more and become a Thrive ambassador


Thrive Week Schedule

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Gratitude Wall

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STUDENT THRIVE VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! If you are interested in volunteering with this event please email

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