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Thrive Week Ambassadors

What is a Thrive Ambassador?

Are you looking to gain volunteer experience while making a difference on campus? Join the Thrive Ambassador team! Make new friends, learn new skills, and help our university spread awareness and advocate for mental health.


Winter 2022 Thrive Ambassador Positions Include:

  • Thrive Event Coordinator  

  • Thrive Event Host

  • Thrive Week Promoter


Check out the Thrive Ambassador Volunteer Job description to find full description of each position, along with the requirements of each role.

Please note: All Ambassador Positions will require volunteers to attend and complete online and/or in-person training to prepare for your role. These roles will require you to be present on the UFV campus. Your safety is our priority but please be prepared to share a space either indoor or outdoor with Thrive team members, students, staff, faculty, and others who are present on campus. 



Apply online at Career Link to be a 2022 Thrive Ambassador. Once your application is complete, a member of the Campus Recreation Thrive Week Team will get back to you to schedule a virtual “get to know you” meeting online or in person. This meeting will help us assign you to your Ambassador role! 

Application deadline - December 15th 


Position Descriptions 

Thrive Event Coordinator 

Job Description: The Thrive Event Coordinator will be working alongside the Campus Recreation Team to plan, organize, and schedule Thrive Week events. Additionally, this role is responsible for leading and coordinating other Thrive Ambassadors during meetings, events, and promotional opportunities. 


  • Strong leadership, organizational, and communication skills

  • Experience with event planning

  • Ability to work collaboratively within a team setting

Thrive Event Host 

Job Description: The Thrive Event Host position will be actively engaging with students, staff, and faculty who are guests to Campus Recreation and partnered group events. This person will be responsible for set-up, take-down, and facilitation of Thrive event activities. 


  • Comfortable engaging with participants, and guests who come to event 

  • Strong communication, and organizational skills

  • Ability to work collaboratively within a team setting

Thrive Week Promoter 

Job Description: The Thrive Week Promoter position is responsible for providing advertising and providing information about upcoming Thrive Week events, and mental-health resources available to students, staff, and faculty on campus. These promotional responsibilities include but are not limited to classroom visits, tabling, social media marketing, and/or other digital promotional modalities.


  • Comfortable engaging with individuals on campus to communicate about Thrive Week 

  • Basic computer, social media, and digital literacy skills

  • Ability to work collaboratively within a team setting

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