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Staying well 101

Campus Recreation is building a set of virtual resources to help you prioritizing your well-being. Resources will be relevant and engaging information about a variety of wellness topics, from mental health to nutrition to physical activity, and more!

Virtual resources

View the links below for additional resources to:

Wellness Wednesdays - Join us each week as we will focus on a different topic to help students, staff and alumni prioritize their well-being and mental health, especially during COVID-19.

UFV Wellness Interview Series - Videos to share knowledge, ideas, and tips to help our community maintain a healthy lifestyle

Keep you moving - Apps and link suggestion for when you want to get a sweat on or limber up the body

To get you social - Looking for ways to connect and unwind with friends or maybe even make new ones

Lower your stress levels - Check out these links to calm the mind and re-focus

Explore - Can't travel to far...try these adventure resources from the comfy seat on your couch

January 27th -  The Importance of Sleep

Jan 29 - The importance of sleep

Getting enough sleep is vital for many reasons. Two main reasons sleep is important, which impact our everyday life are mental health and physical health.

Mental health is severely impacted by lack of sleep. Therefore, it is important to get enough sleep so that your memory and problem-solving skills are at their best, especially while in school. Also, getting adequate sleep each night will allow you to stay alert, motivated, and engaged in your daily activities. In addition to these reasons, getting a full night’s sleep can enhance your mood and even lessen the feelings and symptoms of depression.

In regard to physical health, sleep is important as it will assist in maintaining a healthy body weight. Sleep also helps to improve and stabilize your immune system by providing energy to fight off infections. Lastly, while sleeping, your body is able to reset and repair important tissues and cells.


January 20th - Decluttering Challenge

Jan 20 - 12-12-12

Benefits of Decluttering: 

  1. Less to clean
  2. Less stress
  3. Less to organize
  4. More financial freedom
  5. More energy for your passions



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