Centre for Food and Farmland Innovation

Research Directions


The Centre for Food and Farmland Innovation (CFFI) is dedicated to food security though sustainable land use.


The Centre for Food and Farmland’s mission is to explore agricultural land use on the rural-urban fringe through rigorous applied interdisciplinary research, and to engage communities in developing best practices in support of food security through sustainable land uses.

Research Directions


Preserving and Utilizing Farmland

Farmland is a critical asset that supports economic activity, strengthens food security, and supports local cultural activities. CFFI studies global best practices in farmland preservation and examines methods of maximising society’s return on this important asset class. CFFI maps and monitors the region’s farmland, and suggests methods to best treat farm/non-farm boundaries and methods for returning fallow land to production.


Culturally Diverse Crop Innovation

A healthy farm base requires a steady flow of new crop opportunities, and CFFI works closely with other organizations to examine local opportunities to diversify crop production to better serve our increasingly diverse population. Canada’s multicultural richness is reflected in our food choices, and local production of crops from other regions is a growth opportunity for local farmers. In addition, many potential food crops indigenous to British Columbia have been underexplored as potential farm crops.


Agritourism and Value-Added Activities

The Lower Mainland is well positioned as an agritourism powerhouse, thanks to an excellent diversity of crops and a strong tourist trade. CFFI studies ways to grow this important sector, including on-farm activities, farm stores, and farmers' markets, culinary place branding, farm-to-table and farm-to-institution efforts, farmland and health, and value added product development. This work includes a deeper study of the culinary culture of Canada’s West Coast, with the goal of building our identity as one of the world’s great food regions.


Food Futures

What will agriculture look like over the next century? CFFI studies the potential economic and cultural impacts of emerging technologies including cellular agriculture and indoor growing, and innovations in the field, and also examines potential challenges to the industry such as changing trade patterns and climate adaptation.


Improving the Undergraduate Research Experience

CFFI works with a variety of UFV undergraduate students, and studies best practices in providing these students with the best possible undergraduate research experience, including hands-on experience in social science methodology and chances to present at conferences and publish results.

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