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ASDT Initiative

Administrative Service Delivery Transformation (ASDT)

Since 2012, BC's 25 public post-secondary institutions and the Ministry of Advanced Education have been working collaboratively through the Administrative Services Delivery Transformation (ASDT) initiative to share ideas, best practices, expertise, and resources to improve the delivery of post-secondary education administration and other supporting functions across the province. 

To date, more than $40 million in cost savings/avoidance have been generated through ASDT opportunities. 

Building on its partnership with BCNET, the ASDT joint procurement service transitioned this spring into BCNET to take advantage of the organization's seasoned corporate governance, administrative structure, and legal entity for operating sector-wide joint procurements. This structural change reflects the evolution and maturity of the ASDT initiative and allows it to focus on new collaborative opportunities in finance, HR/benefits, facilities management, and ancillary services. 

Further information can be found on the Ministry's web site.

ASDT Quarterly Reports
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ASDT Update 2nd Quarter 2016-17

ASDT Update 3rd Quarter 2016-17

ASDT Progress Reports
2014-15 ASDT Progress Report
2015-16 ASDT Progress Report

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