How do I enter the Chemistry major program?

In an effort to create a less complex admission process for the Faculty of Science, UFV has added a "Direct entry from high school" option. This new option is designed to allow high achieving high school students the opportunity to apply to the Bachelor of Science from high school. Once in the Bachelor of Science program you will declare your Chemistry Major with the Educational Advisor - Science.

Admission criteria can be found on the Bachelor of Science web page.

Do I have to complete a minor?

No, you can complete a Bachelor of Science with just a major in Chemistry. Some students complete minors as well because they want to keep multiple career options open. An example is school teaching, some students prepare a major and a minor so they can teach more than one subject.  

Do I have to complete math and physics courses?

Yes, knowledge of math and physics are needed to complete some of the required Chemistry courses especially at the 300 and 400 level and as a result you must complete some required math and physics courses to complete a Chemistry major. 

Can I complete a non-science minor with my Chemistry major
Absolutely, any UFV major or minor can be completed in conjunction with a Chemistry major even if it is within another discipline. You should consult the Science Advisor for assistance in developing that type of program plan.

How long will it take me to complete my Chemistry major?

That depends on you, if you take a full course load (five courses per semester) and plan carefully you could complete your Chemistry major in four years. However, because of the heavy work load due to the lab courses, most students only take four courses per semester and as a result usually finish their Chemistry major in five years.

Can I get into a chemistry course if I am missing a prerequisite? 

No, it is not in your best interests to take a course without proper prerequisites, since one of the major purposes of prerequisites is to ensure that each student has the best chance of success in a course. Under extenuating circumstances the course instructor may waive a prerequisite, but this happens extremely rarely and only if, in the instructor's opinion, a student has good chances of success.

Do I have a necessary prerequisite if I completed a course with a P grade?

No, you need a minimum of C-.

Do I receive a credit for a course that I completed with a P grade ?

Yes, you will get a credit for the course, but you will be unable to use it as a prerequisite for further chemistry courses.

What are my chances to get into a class if it is full and I am on the waitlist ?

You still have a reasonable chance to get into the course if you come for the first day of classes. 

I never took a chemistry lab course at a university level. Will I be exposed to dangerous substances that could adversely affect my health?

No, if all safety rules are followed the chemistry lab is a fairly safe place.

I am not particularly good in math and physics. What are my chances to be successful in chemistry?

Your chances are pretty good if you are motivated and spend sufficient time studying chemistry. Although math and physics do help, one can learn the necessary concepts while studying chemistry.

How much work is involved with a chemistry course ?

As a rule of thumb, you should expect to spend two hours of study for each hour spent in the classroom.

Can I transfer an upper-level chemistry course to SFU or UBC?

Generally speaking, automatic transfer status to other higher education institutions of British Columbia is established only for the 100 and 200 level chemistry courses (see the BC Transfer Guide ). The credits for the upper-level courses are awarded on the individual basis. However, two important exceptions must be mentioned. The UFV Chem 321 and Chem 324 are quite similar to the corresponding courses offered at SFU and UBC. The transfer credits for these courses were therefore requested and are currently considered by the universities. One has to be reminded, however, that only a very limited number of the upper-level credits is allowed to transfer to SFU or UBC.

Can I challenge a chemistry course?

Yes, you can apply and may be allowed to challenge a chemistry course, but because most chemistry courses include a lab, you will be tested on theory and lab skills in two different exams. It has to be mentioned that the course challenge will not be allowed as a mechanism of improving the mark for a previously taken course.

I took this chemistry course before, but my mark was not too good or I failed it and I want to take it again. Do I have to repeat the lab? 

Yes, you must repeat the lab even if your mark was sufficiently high. Please discuss the details with the Chemistry Department Head (


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