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Current Course Offerings

FALL 2014


FILM 220: India on Film            3 credits: Prerequisite(s): 15 university-level credits
This course examines the culture and history of modern India through its films, ranging from the classic art films of Satyajit Ray to contemporary Bollywood hits. Discussion will focus on the role of film in creating a national consciousness and in preserving the cultural identity of Indians living abroad. In examining the conventions of Indian film--its heroes and heroines, its songs, dances, and plots--we will consider how they reflect changing attitudes toward gender, caste, class, and religion.


PUNJ 101        3 credits Introduction to Punjabi I: Prerequisite(s): None: Students who have little or no previous knowledge of spoken Punjabi or Punjabi (Gurmukhi) script will learn to read and write at the basic level. They will use the communicative approach to develop the ability to speak, comprehend, read, and write Punjabi while exploring the Punjabi culture.



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