CIS 440 Project - Application Process


The intent of this process is to ensure all CIS 440 projects are of a consistent quality
and satisfy the goal of requiring each student to demonstrate their mastery of 3'rd
and 4'th year computer information systems skills.


The general process for a student who wishes to take CIS 440 follows.

  1. The student prepares a CIS 440 project proposal as per the CIS 440 project guidelines.
  2. The student finds a faculty advisor who is willing to accept them as a student.
  3. The faculty advisor notifies the CIS 440 administrator they are acting as the student's advisor.
  4. The faculty member reviews the student's proposal and identifies any shortcomings. Those shortcomings must be rectified by the student. Changes are made until the advisor is satisfied with the proposal.
  5. A copy of the final proposal must be sent to the CIS 440 administrator at least 2 weeks prior to the first day of classes. Any student missing this deadline will be de-registered from CIS 440.
  6. The CIS 440 administrator publishes the proposals for general review by all CIS faculty.
  7. Other CIS faculty review the proposals and send their concerns electronically to the CIS 440 administrator at least 1 week prior to classes. The CIS 440 administrator forwards those concerns to the faculty advisor for the student.
  8. The faculty advisor notifies the student of the concerns and the student has until the end of the first week of classes to remedy them to the satisfaction of their faculty advisor. Again, a copy of the final acceptable proposal must be sent to the CIS 440 administrator.
  9. At the end of the first week of classes, the CIS 440 administrator will confer with each faculty advisor and identify their students who have acceptable proposals. At this time, any student without an acceptable proposal will be de-registered from the course by the CIS 440 administrator.


  1. Proposal preparation must be started early in order to have both a faculty advisor and an approved project proposal by the deadline in step 5.
  2. There will be no late admissions to CIS 440. Any student who is de-registered for failing to meet the deadline in step 5 or not having an acceptable proposal by the date in step 9 will not be granted late entry to CIS 440.
  3. The deadline in step 4 is intended to allow adequate time for other faculty members to review the proposals and provide feedback.
  4. Projects may be of a variety of types; however, a faculty member must support the proposal and the project must also satisfy the statement of intent.
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