CIS Course Challenge Policy

Important notice for CIS students intending course challenges‌  

Course challenge is intended to grant credit for knowledge gained outside of UFV that is not transferable under existing arrangements. Challenge for CIS courses is based on established prior knowledge of the subject material. Students should apply for all course challenges they intend to make when they enter the CIS program. It is only possible to challenge some CIS courses.

You can apply for course challenge by writing to the department head, explaining which course(s) you wish to challenge, and describing your prior knowledge and experience in the course material, including copies of any certification. Applications for course challenge will be considered by the CIS department. Successful applications will normally result in a challenge being arranged at the time that course is next offered.

Students are reminded that there is an element of risk in challenging a course. Students challenging a course are removed from a regular section if they are enrolled in one, and are placed in a challenge section. Course challenge costs 75% of the normal tuition fees, and not all challenges are successful. Due to full classes with wait lists, it may not be possible to immediately enroll into a regular course section after failing a challenge.

If you wish to challenge a CIS course in a particular semester, you should apply for the challenge in the before or during the first week of classes, as challenge applications for this semester will be considered at the first CIS department meeting. Successful applications should result in an exam or other form of testing in the next week or two.

Successful applications will provide details of the student's knowledge as it pertains to the course content and objectives, and how and when that knowledge was acquired. A useful first step is to speak to a faculty member who has taught the course you wish to challenge, in order to gain a clear idea of its current contents and objectives.

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