Upcoming Courses

Note: Timetables are tentative and subject to change

 View the official UFV Summer 2014 Timetable here

Tentative Summer 2014

 Course Title  Semester Day & Time   Section
CIS 100: Introduction to Computer Information Systems Early Online ON1
CIS 110/BUS 160: Computerized Business Applications and MIS Early MW, 8:30-11:20 AB1
CIS 145: Web Publishing Early Online ON1
CIS 190: Systems Hardware Concepts Early MW, 13:00-16:40 AB1
CIS 341: System Administration Early MW, 19:00 - 21:50 AB1
COMP 125: Principles of Computing Early MW, 8:30-11:20 AB1
COMP 150: Introduction to Programming Early TR, 8:30 - 12:10 AB1
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