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Partnerships with Industry

Cisco Networking Academy at UFV‌

Some Networking Academy courses are offered within the CIS diploma and BCIS degree.  Students completing these Networking Academy courses will be well-prepared to write the official certification exams if they wish to.  Transfer credit may be granted for students who have taken equivalent courses at other recognized institutions and / or achieved certification. 

Microsoft Developers Network Academic Alliance (MSDNAA)‌‌ 

The CIS department is a member of the MSDNAA (Microsoft Developers Network Academic Alliance). Under this agreement, the CIS department pays Microsoft an annual fee, and certain Microsoft software products become available for CIS labs, faculty and students.  Click the logo for more information. 

Community and Research Events 

IEEE Poster Presentation

Students who presented poster project at IEEE

CIS students, names, gave a poster presentation at the IEEE Vancouver Chapter AGM. Student names, worked with CIS sessional instructor Mandeep Pannu. Both students are completing a concentration in CIS security and presented on social engineering awareness. 


Photo of group that went to B Sides conference

CIS instructor, Dan Harris, attended the B|Sides Vancouver Security Conference on March 13 and 14, 2017. About 16 CIS students were also in attendance. In addition, Derek Van Nieuwkoop, won first-place in the capture the flag contest. This is very impressive because the contest involved a number of challenges made up of encryption, reverse engineering binary code and analysing the assembly code, exploit analysis, etc. His competition was composed of professional security experts from up and down the west coast of the US and Canada.


More information available at the Chilliwack.Tech Hack-a-thon press release.


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