Co-operative Education Option

The co-operative education option allows students in the Computer Information Systems diploma and degree programs the opportunity to obtain paid, career-related work experience in their field of study during their education at UFV.  After competing their first year of study, co-op students alternate between semesters of full-time study and full-time paid employment.

Students are expected to maintain the recommended schedule of full-time study as recommended in the calendar, and must maintain a grade point average (GPA) of 2.33 (a C+ average) or better.

A typical work and study schedule might look like this:

1 Study term 1 Study term 2 Work term 1
2 Work term 2 Study term 3 Work term 3
3 Study term 4,
Diploma graduation
Study term 5 Work term 4
4 Study term 6 Work term 5 Work term 6
5 Study term 7 Study term 8 Degree graduation






Students wishing to enter the co-operative education option should apply through the UFV Career Centre.  A meeting of prospective co-op students is normally announced and held in September.   

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