Tranferring From Other Institutions

Students applying from other institutions may have:

  • Courses they wish to transfer into the UFV CIS program, or
  • A complete CIS (or equivalent) diploma they wish to ladder into the UFV CIS degree program with.

Students should apply for course transfer at the time they apply for entry to UFV.  In the case of laddering into the degree with a diploma from another institution, they should also consult with the CIS department head.

Block Transfer

For CIS diplomas from other public institutions that have been articulated with UFV, the CIS program normally offers a block transfer of 60 credits with some provisos:

  • Applicants must also meet the CIS degree entrance requirements, especially B.C. Principles of Math 11 (or equivalent) with a C or better.
  • Applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 (a C average) or greater in the course work used towards their diploma.
  • Applicants may be required to take some additional first or second year courses to "equalize" their CIS diploma with UFV's, and provide greater opportunity for success.  Where possible, these additional courses will be used as CIS degree electives.

We welcome degree students from other institutions, and will work out a program plan for you if no articulation currently exists between your institution and ours.  We have already graduated degree students with diploma work from many different institutions.  If you are considering coming here for your degree, consult the CIS department head as soon as possible.  Your choice of courses at your home institution may be important for transfer.

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