The Marihuana Indoor Production Calculator: A Tool for Estimating Domestic and Export Production Levels and Values

Given marihuana is the most widely used illicit drug worldwide, with between 143 and 190 million users, it should not be surprising that combating production of the drug is a major priority for many jurisdictions (United Nations, 2009). However, due to the clandestine nature of illicit marihuana production, it is difficult for policy makers and law enforcement to measure the true extent of marihuana cultivation within their jurisdictions. TSince it is highly unlikely that an understanding of the commercial marihuana production industry will move beyond estimates in the near future, we have devised an online tool, the Marihuana Indoor Production Calculator, to aid in the estimation process.

The focus of the Marihuana Indoor Production Calculator is on those operations that contribute to the illicit marihuana industry. We refer to these operations as commercially viable marihuana growing operations to distinguish them from small operations that maybe intended only for personal use. Furthermore, although we recognize that outdoor marihuana cultivation presents a serious problem for some jurisdictions and contributes to the enormous marihuana industry worldwide, the estimates of the Marihuana Indoor Production Calculator are intended specifically for indoor cultivation. Therefore, the estimates provided throughout this article represent those associated to commercially viable marihuana grow ops located within private or commercial buildings through the use of high powered lamps and other equipment. Although the estimates provided in this article are based on available data with regard to marihuana production in British Columbia and represent the best approximations available in that Canadian province, we emphasize that in order to produce the most accurate estimates, the most reliable and current data on the marihuana product in a given jurisdiction should be used. More attention to this point will be provided throughout the article.

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