Portfolio Essentials Certificate

This three-course, nine credit certificate is designed for individuals in programs, workplaces, and community settings. Students will learn the portfolio process and how to adapt their portfolios for specific audiences. The certificate is an integration of theory, practice, critical reflection, and experiential and formal learning.

This certificate is given as a completion credential. Any student successfully completing the three courses is eligible for the certificate. Some students might complete the certificate while enrolled in their current programs, while others may be admitted to UFV for the purpose of taking the certificate.

Entrance requirements

New students should apply to the Arts Studies program path. Students will be required to meet the admissions requirements for Arts Studies, as well as meet course prerequisites.

Students currently enrolled in post-secondary programs are required to meet only the course prerequisites.

Program requirements

Certificate requirements: 9 credits

Required Course:

  • CMNS 200: Introduction to Portfolio Development

Plus two of:

  • CMNS 235: Oral Communications
  • ADED 330M: Portfolio Development for the Reflective Practitioner
  • ADED 350: Storytelling and the Reflective Practitioner

Note: Students are responsible for meeting all course prerequisites.

Residency requirement:

Students are required to take CMNS 200 plus at least one other course through UFV.

Graduation requirements:

Students are required to have a completion GPA of at least 2.5 in the three courses to be eligible for the certificate, with a minimum of a C grade in any individual course.

For more information check the UFV Calendar or contact Gayle Noel, Department Assistant at 604-557-4093 or gayle.noel@ufv.ca



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