Why study Communications?

Do you want to land the job of your dreams and get ahead in your career?

Across most disciplines and industries, communication skills are listed as the top skills required by BC and Canadian employers. Indeed, to succeed in today’s high-tech, in-demand, info-crazed world, the ability to weave words and images together is essential. Whether it’s an email message, oral presentation, résumé, newspaper or magazine article, advertisement, how-to-manual, travel brochure, novel, bus billboard, web page, or even a cereal box, communications material has to be written and presented in a clear and compelling style to appeal to the intended audience.

Well-developed communications skills are a must, not only for getting hired and future job advancement, but for almost every aspect of day-to-day communication in any career.

This page is designed to answer some questions about communications as a discipline at UFV. If you have more questions, please either see our FAQ, or send us an email.

What sort of career can I expect?

UFV’s communications courses can enhance your career path in any discipline and give you useable skills in the workplace, or they can lead to a career in communications.

Our courses will be valuable if you are looking for a career as an editor, editorial assistant, advertising copywriter, technical writer, speech writer, technical editor, novelist, press secretary, communications officer, publicity agent, public affairs officer, communications specialist, fund-raising consultant, or public relations manager.

Regardless of which career you choose, effective communication skills will give you that edge you’re looking for.

Why take communications at UFV?

UFV is well known for its small class size and personable, professional instructors. Our instructors are committed to teaching excellence and have both industry experience and respect from their peers. Communications courses are student-oriented, meaning you are literally in the driver’s seat; they can be tailored to help you meet your specific career goals.

Many of our courses are required by a wide variety of programs such as Kinesiology, Business, Science, Social Work, Aviation, Computer Information Systems, and Trades. You can learn about basic business writing, report writing, web page development, desktop/web publishing, oral presentations, public relations material preparation, technical writing, critical analysis, and advocacy writing. Regardless of your career aspirations, there is a communications course that will ensure that your work is produced with a high level of professionalism.

UFV has an interactive classroom environment and you will be taught to get your message across by experts in electronic and print media.

Who will be teaching me?

Who knows about the written word and communications skills better than people actually in the communications industry? Not only does our faculty have high academic qualifications, but they are also current, successful practitioners of the ideas they will be sharing with you. They are committed instructors who are passionate about communicating their knowledge and cultivating enthusiasm in their students.

What do I need to get in?

It’s best to check UFV’s online calendar to determine the individual prerequisites for the many courses offered by the Communications department.

Can I transfer my Communications credits from another university?
Yes, transfer students are always welcome at UFV. If you are transferring, it’s best to consult the Communications department for more details.

What courses will I take?

Check UFV's online calendar for the courses offered by UFV’s Communications department:

Students may also be interested in the following Critical Analysis and Study Methodology (CSM) Communication courses listed in the Academic Support section of the calendar.

  • CSM 104 Integrated Academic Learning Skills
  • CSM 108 Critical Analysis and Learning
  • CSM 208 Learning Methodology

How much will it cost? Can I afford to take this program?

It’s best to check out the Fees and Other Costs section of our online calendar for current costs. You should budget about $75 to $150 per course for textbooks and other studies materials and, if you are taking the web-based programs, you will be expected to have the use of an up-to-date computer.

You should also visit UFV’s Financial Aid and Awards office, for information about the $12 million in federal and provincial student loans, grants, bursaries, scholarships awarded to UFV students annually. A helpful budget planning worksheet is available online at www.ufv.ca/fineaid/budget.

I’m interested. What’s the next step?

If you are interested but have more questions contact Gayle Noel, department assistant at 604-557-4093 or by email gayle.noel@ufv.ca For inspiration, checkout our minor in communications and our communications certificate . For information on how to add the minor to your degree please make an appointment with the Arts or Sciences Advice Center. When you are ready to apply visit the Office of the Registrar. You can submit your application, along with the required documents and application fee, to the Admissions and Registration office at any campus or centre or via the internet at www.pas.bc.ca

When should I apply?

If you plan to start your studies in the fall, your application should be received by January 31. Applications received after this deadline will be considered if space is available in the program.

Some communications courses that are listed as electives for UFV programs are required by professional associations and societies, or transfer to university programs. You should contact the department for information on these courses or see an educational advisor or refer to the Provincial Transfer Guide before registering.

What sort of support will I get?

I’m really not sure where I’m going with my career, but I want to be a better writer and communicator. Can I speak with someone about my options?
Absolutely. We want to hear from you!

If you’re unsure of your direction, contact the Communications department assistant at 604-557-4093. Follow the links on this page to check out announcements and more details about the Communications program.

Also, you can visit UFV.ca/studentservices to learn about the broad range of services designed to help you learn about and adjust to the university environment.

You can also contact Student Services at 1-888-504-7441 to arrange a tour, attend a Becoming a Student info session, connect with an educational advisor, or arrange for career counselling.


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